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Way2go SIM card and mobile service


About way2go SIM card and mobile service
way2go SIM card is a prepaid SIM, produced and sold to only foreigner tourists coming to Vietnam.

way2go SIM card provides each user a specific, limited access to a commercial mobile telecommunications service in Vietnam.

The service’s availability and information transmitted speed depends on connection conditions, or other reasons. The following page for service quality commitment: Service quality commitment

Even within coverage areas, the Service may not be available in places that are difficult for radio waves to reach, such as indoor or underground space, or in tunnels, or even outdoor areas where radio signals are weak.

Devices for the Service must be compatible with the Provider’s networks and have a specified wireless facilities technical standards compliance. For use of a SIM-locked terminal, the SIM lock needs to be removed. Additionally, an APN (Access Point Name) for the device needs to be set, or an APN settings file, etc. needs to be installed.

Please understand that, after purchase of this package, you will not be able return the product, get any refund of your purchase, or get a refund of any additional charge. Damage SIM exchange may be applied, following Article 3.

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