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WAY2GO mobile services

• Mobile phone, SMS and data communication services are exclusively provided by the Provider. The User's Personal Information is transmitted via the Provider's SIM and mobile network in accordance with the Provider's strict policy. Therefore, Consortio and Way2Go have no control over users' personal information or the quality and availability of mobile services.

• The service’s availability and information transmitted speed depends on connection conditions of Mobifone network operator. Even within coverage areas, the Service may not be available in places that are difficult for radio waves to reach, such as indoor or underground space, or in tunnels, or even crowded outdoor areas. We are committed to ensuring the quality according to the quality that Mobifone provides (Details in Service quality commitment).

• Please understand that, after purchasing this Way2go SIM, the customer will not be able to return the product and get any refund for the purchase. The replacement of damaged SIM may be subject to the Refund, Claims, Order Cancellation Policy.

• Once the customer cuts or unfolds the SIM card to a particular size, it is not replaceable; Refer to the customer's mobile device information to find out what size of SIM the customer's device will accept.

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