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Terms used throughout the Agreement:

“Company” means Consortio Vietnam Joint Stock Company, the owner of the website, the owner and has the right to distribute the product.

“24/7 support service” is the Way2Go service support Call Center in English and Chinese

“Customer” means a visitor or person who purchases a Way2Go SIM for themselves or for others using our hotline service, Way2Go website and app.

“User” means visitors, subscribers who use our Way2Go SIM, 24/7 support service, Way2go website and app.

“Mobifone Provider” means Telecommunications Corporation Mobifone, the entity which exclusively provides the mobile telecommunications services for Way2Go SIM cards.

“Business Days” means working days of the week, excluding Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays in Vietnam.

"Product" means "Way2Go Roaming Kit" including Way2Go SIM card, SIM Kit and Way2Go Package set up by MobiFone to meet service requirements exclusively for customers using Way2Go SIM Package.

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