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Use of tourist support hotline


Consortio establishes and monitors the way2go Tourist Support Hotline, hereinafter called “way2go hotline”, which comprises a professionally staffed telephone, exclusively for registered, activated users of way2go SIM, which provides 24/7 information service. The hotline number is +84 4 73009688. way2go maintains a Service Level Agreement (hereinafter called the SLA), which contains additional terms and conditions of use and describes offerings and limitations of the services.

All information provided by way2go hotline is for suggested reference purposes only, and NOT intended to be used for purposes including, but not limited to: maintaining personal security or safety; providing medical advice, treatment, or attention; making medical or health-related decisions. The way2go hotline is not a substitute or replacement for professional medical or personal safety advice, which we encourage you to obtain from a medical professional, physician, or relevant specialist provider, government or your home country’s local embassy.

Consortio does not necessarily endorse, or hold the same opinion of, statements provided by contact center staff. Consortio cannot determine the truthfulness, accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness thereof. Consortio does not take any responsibility for, nor will Consortio be responsible for, any damages to users of way2go service and the use of the hotline, however caused, for further limitations, see DISCLAIMER. Consortio, however, commits to a best effort to exercise care and diligence in selecting information for statements provided by contact center staff. The final selection of information as a basis for personal actions shall be the exclusive liability and decision of user. Use of provided information and any reliance on the such information will be entirely at your own risk.

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