Can I get a local mobile phone number during my visit?

Yes. You can buy a SIM card easily in Vietnam. Our way2go SIM is exclusive for Tourist and and outstanding among dozens of packages now in Vietnam. way2go has same offer in term of call minutes, data access but different for having a hotline 24/7 to support tourism information. You can ask where to eat, go, stay, call when you need help for example. way2go is a glue between international friends and Vietnam tourism.

Where can I buy a way2go SIM?

Tourist can buy way2go SIM at:

1. Kiosk in Airport (Tan Son Nhat Airport, Cam Ranh International Airport, Noi Bai International Airport) right away after finishing immigration procedure

2. In many hotels, partners with way2go. Find here  

3. Call 24 7300 9688 to order

How do I register my way2go SIM Card?

It's required by Vietnamese telecommunications law that you have to submit a scan/copy of your passport for SIM registration. Please, hand your passport to cashier/receptionist in the store where you buy way2go SIM and they will process everything.

How do I know that way2go SIM is insertable in my phone?

way2go SIM is a multiple size SIM, includes Standard, Micro and Nano SIM. It fits for almost any cellphone. Incase it does not fit, please, ask receptionist in way2go store for help in cutting the SIM.

How can I make international calls and destination?

- To call to destinations available in our way2go plan, you dial 1313 + 00 + Country code + Area code + Phone Number

- To call to destination which is not in our package, you need to TOP UP to have credits in your account to make phone calls. Dial 1313 + 00 + Country code + Area code + Phone number.

Countries applied for international calls in way2go plan:

- Call to Mobiles & Landlines:

USA, Canada, China, Hongkong, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia

- Call to Landlines:

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, Span, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK.

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Can I access the Internet to check mail, use Facebook and watch videos using way2go SIM?

- Yes, you can. Your way2go plan has UNLIMITED Data access with now 2GB of high speed. You can use internet all time where signal is available within 30 days. 30 days is duration time for way2go plan. 

- Date is calculated from the date you activate your SIM. 

For example: you buy way2go SIM on 5th November, expired date of the plan is 4th December.

Since when payment for conversation is charged?

way2go plan offer you 60 mins of local calls and BONUS 30 mins of international calls . When you use up these offers, you need to top up to continue use services. To check your way2go plan, SMS to 789 "KT<space>W2G" SMS is free of charge. Then, the services you use will be charged with credit you top up.

My topup has error, topup is not successful.

For technical problems, call 9393 for support. Free of charge.

Will my mobile phone work in Vietnam?

Most of mobile telecommunications systems in the world do work in Vietnam, namely GSM 900, PCS 1800, CDMA and WCDMA. You should check if your service provider has a roaming agreement with a Vietnam operator, and also check the roaming rate as it could be very expensive. Best way to use mobile phone in Vietnam is buying a Local SIM. You only have to make sure that your phone is unlocked or it is international version.

What kind of information I can ask your call center?

You can ask us information regarding: "Things to SEE, DO, EAT, DRINK, SHOP, STAY, SURVIVE & MEDICAL" in popular cities in Vietnam. Our knowledge coverage area is constantly expanding but limitations do apply. At this moment, we only support information in big cities such as Hanoi, Hochiminh City, Danang, Nhatrang, Hue, Sapa, Halong Bay, etc.

Can I access way2go Tourist Support Hotline through my mobile phone?

Yes. As a way2go SIM user, tourists are offered free access to our Hotline 24/7. When the free Local call minutes is used up, please, topup to continue using this service. 

What is the working hours for shop/store/office in Vietnam?

Opening hours vary from business to business, but here’s a rough guide:

- Most offices will open from 8am to 5pm or longer from Monday to Friday, depending on the type of business. Many will also open from 8 am to 12 am on Saturdays.

- Retail shops generally open from 10am to 7pm daily, some could open until 9pm. Night market usually open from 6pm to over 10 pm on weekend and holiday. 

- Many shops & restaurant open every day of the year, except national holiday such as Tet Holiday and Independence day...

- Restaurants tend to stay open until around 11pm, while bars and clubs will close in the wee hours, with plenty of them operating all night, particularly in popular nightlife hubs.

- Night market in Old Quarter: Summer: 7pm-12pm/ Winter: 6pm-12pm

For more details, contact 24/7 Tourist Support Hotline at number 24 7300 9688

Is English widely spoken?

English is second language in Vietnam. It is widely spoken in places where tourists tend to stay, but many place/store it is not spoken well. For a good communication, it is recommended to prepare a list of English - Vietnamese sentences to use in urgent. You can download some in case you need

As a visitor, you can expect to encounter minimal problems communicating in English, as most taxi drivers, retail shop sales people don't speak English well.

Famous attractions will have English on the sign and information.

Is Vietnam safe for visitors?

Vietnam is a relatively safe country for visitors, including women travelling alone. Although petty crime do happen, it’s still relatively small-scale and shouldn’t be a problem if you take common-sense precautions.

Will I be able to use my electrical equipment in Vietnam?

- The standard household/hotel electrical supply in Vietnam is 220 volt, 50 Hertz, but 110 volt, 50 Hertz outlets are still in use in some places.

- In Vietnam, the standard socket accepts a two round pins plug without a ground pin (Type A), but non-standard two flat blade (Type B) or two rectangular blade sockets and plugs are still in use. 

- Some modern hotels and office blocks have electric multi plug with three pin round (Type D) or UK three pin square sockets (Type C). See below for diagrams and international naming conventions.

- Before traveling to Vietnam, please survey your various items that you will need and that require electricity to operate. Verify you have the proper adapters, converters, or transformers to get electricity in Vietnam.

Is posting letters and parcels from Vietnam easy?

Yes. Post offices can be found easily around Hanoi, especially around Hoan Kiem lake and old quarter area. Beside Vietnam Post & Telecommunication, there are many other postal company like Fedex, DHL, etc. 

Where can I get Internet access in Vietnam?

Free Wi-Fi service is available in public location in many cities. However, the speed may not be high as many people could access at the same time. 

Usually, cafe & restaurant provide free wifi, you can ask receptionist for password. 

Buying a local SIM with data access is highly recommended.

Do stores in Vietnam accept credit card?

Most shops in Vietnam accept major credit cards; however, at open-air markets and small store, most vendors will only take cash. It’s best to bring both cash in VND and credit cards when shopping. Foreign currency is not popular accepted in many store and hotel. It is highly recommended that you shoul check the rate and exchange to VND

Do shops and restaurants close during long public holidays such as Tet Holiday?

Most shops and restaurants in major tourist areas will remain open during public holidays. Some of them will be closed depend on business model. Recently, they tend to open during public holiday, particular restaurants and cinema. Public Hospital is 24/7 open, include public holiday.

Is local transport easy to use?

Taxi is highly recommended. Other means of transportation is quite complicated and not suitable if you use it without local guides.


Taxis with meters, found in most major cities, are very cheap by international standards and a safe way to travel around at night. Average tariffs are about 10,000d to 15,000d per kilometre. However, dodgy taxis with go-fast meters do roam the streets of Hanoi and HCMC, they often hang around bus terminals. Only travel with reputable or recommended companies.

Taxis Mostly metered and very cheap, but very occasionally some taxis have dodgy meters that run fast.

In HCMC, Mai Linh and Vinasun are popular, reliable & professional taxi brands.


The cyclo is a bicycle rickshaw. It's cheap, environmentally friendly is still found in Vietnam’s main cities. Groups of cyclo drivers always hang out near major hotels and markets, and many speak at least broken English. To make sure the driver understands where you want to go, it’s useful to bring a city map. Bargaining is imperative. Settle on a fare before going anywhere or you’re likely to get stiffed.

Approximate fares are between 10,000d and 15,0000d for a short ride, between 20,000d and 35,000d for a longer or night ride, or around 40,000d per hour.

Travellers have reported being mugged by cyclo drivers in HCMC so, as a general rule, hire cyclos only during the day in that city. When leaving a bar late at night, take a metered taxi.


Few travellers deal with city buses due to communication issues and the cheapness of taxis, cyclos and xe om. That said, the bus systems in Hanoi and HCMC are not impossible to negotiate – get your hands on a bus map.

Xe Om

The xe om (zay-ohm) is a motorbike taxi. "Xe" means motorbike, "om" means hug (or hold), so you get the picture. Getting around by xe om is easy, as long as you don’t have a lot of luggage.

Fares are comparable with those for a cyclo, but negotiate the price beforehand. There are plenty of xe om drivers hanging around street corners, markets, hotels and bus stations. They will find you before you find them…

Taxi companies with excellent reputations are Mai Linh, Taxi Group and Vinasun.

Rail fares Fixed, although naturally there are different prices for different classes.

Xe Oms & Cyclos Fares are definitely not fixed and you need to bargain. Hard.

When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is a popular travel destination year round. The weather change from North to South. Each cities has its own beauty in different time.

- January - April: Northern region, Hanoi, HCM, (in its spring, time of festivals,spiritual activities), Phu Quoc (still in dry season, not much rain)

- May - September: sea tourism and leisure tourism in mountainous region

- From September - December: Hanoi & Northern region (Romantic autumn, nature discovery in mountainous areas), Phu Quoc (sunny and cool at this time)

Do I need a visa to visit Vietnam?

Visitors from 9 SEA countries + some nations can enter Vietnam without a visa for periods of 15 days, depending on nationality. Check with the Vietnam Immigration Department for details about visa requirements: Tel 0438264026

What items am I prohibited from bringing into Vietnam? has summarised regulation about banned bringing for people to enter Vietnam:

"Things below should be excluded from your luggage:

- Weapon, ammunition, explosives and inflammable objects

- Military technical equipment; drugs, opium and other narcotics

- Anti-government literature; pornographic literature, etc.

On top of this; antiques, some types of precious stones, wild animals, rare and precious plants listed in Vietnam’s red-book could not be exported.  

Visitors are normally required to fill in arrival-departure forms and also custom forms on condition that you bring things that require declaration or exceed duty-free norm. Nevertheless, from 15 November 2010, arrival-departure forms are exempted for all visitors in all international airports and 12 border checkpoints in Vietnam. Thus, it is likely that may not have to fill in any form when you visit Vietnam.  

Please be noted that this is only a brief summary and that customs regulation in Vietnam are subject to change at any time. So, always double check all information before making any important decisions. The Vietnamese Customs maintain an extremely informative website which you can refer to.

I am robbed, I need help?

Catching theft in Vietnam takes time and they could find your belongs but that time you may leave Vietnam. What is more important is to solve the problem at this moment. There are some cases that you may have and some tips for you:

- Lost money: Call your family or friends to transfer you money

- Lost personal paper ( passport, air tickets): Contact your embassy in Vietnam

- Others: call 04 73009688 for more help

How do I get from the airport to the city/hotel?

The most highly recommended transportation means for tourist in Vietnam is Taxi as it is very cheap compare to the rest countries in the world. The problem is always call the right taxi with reputation, not the scam taxi. 

2 big cities with well-known international airports are Hanoi and HCM city.

- Hanoi's Noi Bai International airport is 35km north of the city. You can choose many kind of transportation means to travel to city center but taxi is highly recommended as it's fast and convenient. It cost per meter but estimate is around $15-20. Other means have the price lower than taxi price.

- HCM Tan Son Nhat international airport is near the center. Taxi is highly recommended and it cost only around $5 - $10.

How can I use internet with high speed after I used up the first 1GB, still in 30 days of activation?

Within 30 days, after using up the first free 1GB high speed data, you can still access the internet for free with lower speed. 

What is the difference between high speed & low speed of data in way2go SIM?

High speed internet access allows you to check your emails, read online news, watch videos, load pictures from your mobile devices. On the other hand, when browsing the internet with low speed, your device can still load webpages as normal but it takes longer to load.

Can I register another Mobifone plan with way2go SIM?

It is a default setting in way2go SIM and can not be changed to another plan.

Why can't I make out-coming calls anymore? And since when I can no longer receive incoming calls? 

After registration, the duration of your way2go plan is 30 days. After that, your SIM card is locked 1 way and you cannot use any mobile service except receiving calls and sms. You can make a top up on your balance to continue the service. If you don't make a top up after 10 days, your SIM card will be locked 2 ways and you cannot receive any incoming calls either.

There is something wrong with my SIM card. Can I return it and have a refund?

We are sorry but we do not give the customer refund if the SIM is broken after purchased. We will offer our best with solutions for the problem you face.

There is something wrong with my SIM card. Can I change it to another SIM?


For manufactural damaged SIM, you can change it right at the store where you bought it.

For damaged SIM during usage, please inform us by calling our way2go 24/7 Tourist Support Hotline, and then we will instruct you to the nearest Mobifone store where you can change the SIM. You will need to show your passport there. The new SIM costs 50 000 vnd to continue the existing plan and the phone number is the same.

Can I choose my number?

The answer is NO, because an available number has been allocated to your SIM already.

Can I SMS your way2go Travelers Hotline?

No, please do not reply to way2go's SMS. If you need any assistance, kindly call our phone number 04 7300 9688 anytime.

I lost my SIM card. How do I deactivate it? 

Please call 9393 or way2go 24/7 Tourist Support Hotline to report and lock the SIM.

Can I use the high-speed data when making a top up my card after the 15-day offer?

No, you can just use the normal-speed data after making the top up. The rate is 75d/50kb (around 1536d/Mb).

I accidentally scratched on a digit of the top-up card secret number. I can not make a top up anymore. What do I do?

With one digit missing, please try the missing one with number from 0 to 9. Three times wrongly top-up, your SIM is locked, try to call 9393 and ask for unlock. After that, keep trying the number and the problem is solved

If more than one digit is missed, contact the nearest Mobifone store, and you may change the top up card. You will need to show your passport there too.